Getting all Arty

Over the Christmas break when my floor was still clean from the pre Christmas sweep, I pondered at length the themes for my art (aka bashed silver bits) and came up with the theme of "Left Behind". I felt that this tied in with the funny rough shapes that I have been producing and could link to historical looking stuff. I imagined my jewellery being so fine that maybe elves like those in the Lord of the Rings had left them behind for us, or they had come from other worlds . Generally the theme would be deep and meaningful if anyone ever asked or if I had an important exhibition at a very upmarket trendy gallery.

"Left Behind" .... that would be the title and my flowers and leaves also fitted into it perfectly.

So when I got home from my holiday and I looked around my home and my tidy swept office, there were guitar picks in every room. In the corner of the lounge, on my jewellery table, on the kitchen bench. It was almost as if someone had broken in and instead of taking something they had left lots of little things behind. Do elves and fairies play the guitar or was it Stu Morris....?

What ever! They had been left behind so I set about making guitar picks out of silver and copper and then, of course, I imagined that instead of exhibitions I could just take guitar pick earrings to folk festivals and hay, every musician would want some.

Who would have thought that the world would go into lockdown just when I was preparing to take it by storm with guitar pick earrings. Oh well, at least they won't go off.