A Ring for Maree

Would you believe it? I went out for coffee with Maree who I did my speech therapy training, with and she wants a ring as well. Not the same one as Greer wants, but the other one that I have made. Again, I drew around her ring with a ball point pen in my diary and again I can’t remember what ball point pen I used.

With two rings requested I thought it was about time I invested in some useful equipment. So, I have bought a set of ring sizers. These are plastic rings marked from A to Z and people try them on and all I have to do is make a ring the same size.

I also bought a ring mandrel. This is a long piece of metal that you put the ring on to bash it into shape. I also bought a plastic hammer to hit the ring with.

I also bought some calipers. This are basically measuring devices and are tricky to use unless as in my case they are digital and so they are really easy to use.

I decided I was ready for action so all I had to do was measure the inside diameter of the ring drawing in my diary (with the caliper), add a bit for the ballpoint pen size and then find a ring size on the ring sizer the same diameter and then cut the wire and make the ring.

I did all of this.