A Ring for Greer

So, as I mentioned in my last blog, I wasn’t going to make rings because there is too much equipment needed. Well since that fateful day that I went to The Jeweler and the Jeweler for the course (check out their website of their shop or both https://www.thejewelandthejeweller.com ) I have done a few more courses and made another ring that I have used to replace my wedding ring. I bought a torch and can now make metal very hot and potentially burn anything I haven’t moved far enough out of the way.

My favourite thing to do is to whack the metal really hard with a hammer and dent it. I have learned such a lot and now about new stuff and have my first power tool, a Dremel which I am sure has potential way beyond the uses I have given it.

Anyway, back to rings, it turns out that my fingers are walking (or wiggling) advertisements for my bashed and misshapen rings. Who would have thought, but someone actually wants one the same!

Because I have done the course on ring making and made two rings, I figured it would be easy to make another one the same. I have the torch, and the solder and two pairs of plyers… what else do you need……..

Well it turns out that you actually need skill!

I drew around the inside of Greer’s ring in my diary but that isn’t quite the same as using an actual ring sizer. In fact, it is way different because unless you have the exact same ball point pen you can’t actually tell how far out it was from the inside edge of the ring when you drew around it. Anyway, I bought some wire from my J and J friends and multiplied what might be the correct diameter by 2.5 then times pi. That’s like maths from high school …. and I am not sure I would have ever attempted jewelry if I had thought it had that level of maths involved. As luck would have it, I found a handy bracelet size calculator on line which I figured would work for a ring. So, I sawed through the piece of metal and then aneled it, which is heating it up with my torch (fun) and cooling it quick to make it soft for bending.

Using my two pairs of plyers I bent it and then soldered it but actually didn’t solder it because the gap between the two ends of metal was too far apart for the solder to work so I repeated the process and then did that again and then went in to the Jewel and the Jeweler and within a second Jen had it bent so the ends actually joined. Then I soldered it successfully and used their equipment to bash it into shape and then my Dremel to shine it up.

The bracelet size calculator might possible not work for rings, or maybe lots of cutting soldering or bashing has messed with my ‘accurate’ measuring but drawing around the inside of the new ring is not the same size as the one in my diary.