Sarah's Re-wirement Jewelry

I have thoroughly given up on paid employment. I spent a year trying to ‘rewire’ and just ended up making some pretty average home-made products. I have enough shampoo bars to last me for my whole life (if I live for a very long time). I am never going to attempt to make soft soap ever again. My home-made vanilla extract looks like vanilla extract and tastes like rum. My sporting career didn’t take off. I have completed one chapter of my novel but don’t know where the story should go in chapter two….no plot.

Just when I was nearly ready to give up on a new career and decide that maybe I am unemployed, I discovered jewelry making. I went on a ring making introduction course with The Jewel and the Jeweler. This is a company run by to awesome women, Sam and Jen. They run workshops and have a shop in one of the old containers that came from the container shopping arcade in Christchurch. The containers are in the back of some shops in down town New Plymouth and are seriously cool. Sam and Jen are seriously cool as well and I thought that by hanging out with them I could perhaps become seriously cool as well. I am not sure that is going to happen, but I did make a seriously cool ring. If you go to their website, then you can see a picture of my hand with my seriously cool ring on my finger. There are four hands in the photo with four seriously cool rings on fingers, and mine is the most aged looking one. I fell in love with the ring, and Sam and Jen, and making jewelry.

I thought about what I really like and decided that I really like earrings! Obviously, rings are great, but you need a lot of equipment to make them for other people like ring sizers.